Our Sunday gatherings are a great opportunity to get to know who we are at The Village.  Our gatherings include music, prayer, and teachings from the Bible.  Our musical style is fairly diverse ranging from gospel to rock and jazz to folk.  We try to make sure all of our music is centered on God, what He has done for us through the cross of Jesus Christ and what we want our heart posture to be toward Him.  We pray because we believe God has commanded us to be a people of prayer.  A people who bring our requests and our praises before Him, pleading for Him to move mightily in our midst.  We teach from the Bible because we believe that Bible is God's living and active Word to us and that we find out who He is, what He's done and how we are called to live by learning from the Bible.   

We strive to integrate all of these elements into our gatherings in such a way that they are accessible to all peoples, from all walks of life.  So whether you’ve known Jesus a long time, have lots of questions about the Christian faith, or you’ve never set foot in a church before, our Sunday gatherings are a great place for you to come and get to know who Jesus is and what He has done.  Our ultimate aim in each gathering is that we would worship our great God and bring glory and honor to His name.    

We meet every Sunday evening at 5:00 p.m. at Thurman Avenue United Methodist Church (415 Thurman Avenue).  We hope you’ll come check us out.


Family Meal

Every Sunday evening we have a family meal immediately following our gathering.  We believe lots of great things can happen over a meal and that one of the ways that families can grow close is by sharing meals together.  To that end we do a family meal every Sunday after church.  This dinner is open to everyone who joins us for our worship gathering! 

Our family meals could be anything from tacos to lasagna or a salad bar to pizza, but there's always enough for everyone.  Twice a month we do an all church potluck where we ask everyone to bring something to share and the other weeks our amazing Dinner Team provides the food for everyone.  During the warmer months of the year we will grill out on the front lawn, so we can be outside, the kids can play, and we can hopefully meet some of our neighbors.  Join us for worship and one of our family meals sometime soon.