We believe that God is alive and active all around our world and our desire at The Village is that we would join Him in His work.  Our hope is that we would be able to cultivate lasting international relationships with Gospel-centered churches all over the globe.  Below is where some of these relationships are beginning to take root. 

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The church in Cuba, though existing in a culture of oppression and struggle, is going through a revival of sorts.  Though the Castro Revolution (beginning in 1959) attempted to rid the country of Cuba of the Christian Church, the past twenty-five years have seen a rise in a renewed passion for Jesus Christ and new churches being planted. Because of the political oppression and corruption that exists in Cuba the Cuban Church's revival has primarily come through the planting of small house churches.  These small house churches have to do much of their ministry in secret, but this has not slowed them from advancing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in significant ways. Through connections that we have we have been blessed with we have been able to learn about what is going on in the church in Cuba and how there is much need for relationship, encouragement, and resources from the church in the United States. 

Because of these connections four leaders from The Village Church were able to go down to Cuba in January 2014 to explore and learn about the culture and church in Cuba and to meet with local pastors and churches, hearing their stories, struggles, and hopes.  It was our desire that we would leave from this trip being led to partner with one or more of these churches for long-term relationships.  We were blessed to see God's grace at work in Cuba and the Gospel moving forward in powerful ways.  God has led us to establish formal relationships with two churches in Cuba, one in the town of Matanzas and the other in Havana.  Pastors from these churches have already been here to visit us and our church, and our plan moving forward is that we would bring them here several times a year to preach, teach classes, and do ministry alongside our church community.  We will also plan to send at least two teams a year down to Cuba to work with their churches as well.  We are so excited about the formation of these relationships and pray that God will use these relationships to further His Kingdom both in the U.S. and in Cuba.

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We are blessed to have a relationship with several missionaries in Swaziland, Africa.  Swaziland has the highest rate of those infected with HIV/AIDS in the world.  Peter & Michelle McCubbin felt called to move to Swaziland and begin a working farm, orphanage, and school to minister to those in need and to help the spread of the Gospel.  Pasture Valley Farm & Children's Home has been in operation now for several years.  They house almost forty children, providing them with health care, meals, jobs, and an education.  We are so proud to be partnering with them and the work they are doing in Swaziland.  

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