But know that the Lord has set apart the godly for himself; the Lord hears when I call to him.   Psalm 4:3

The Psalmist once again writes something here in Psalm 4 that is easy to run past.  The Psalmist says vary frankly that “the Lord hears when I call to him.”  This seems like one of those very basic truths that we learn when we’re young and our parents or grandparents pray with us.  A truth so simple that a child can understand it.  Let us, though, pause here and truly think about what the Psalmist is saying.  The creator God, who sits enthroned on high, reigning over all things, holding all things in sovereign control hears the prayers of the Psalmist.  We cannot allow this to be a simple truth that we give little intellectual or emotional attention to.  If this is true, and it most assuredly is, then this is a thought that should fill use with awe and amazement.  God hears us!  Think on that truth…God hears you when you call upon Him.  Your prayers that ascend from your car, your bedroom, the church pew and the dinner table make it to throne room of Heaven!  They meet the ears of our Creator!  While we can often be consumed with how and when God might answer our prayers let us never for a second doubt whether our prayers actual make their way to our God.  Let us be confident that God hears and let this truth grow our faith in His faithfulness to answer.  May this truth that God hears us when we call also cause us to understand even more the reverence we should exhibit when we pray.  Let this truth cause us to praise our God for His greatness and grace in receiving our prayers.  Church, know that God hears and let us never allow this truth to become normalized in our hearts or in our minds.  

PRAYER OF THE DAY: God, thank you that You hear us when we pray.  Help me to understand this amazing truth more today.