I am weary with my moaning; every night I flood my bed with tears; I drench my couch with my weeping. Psalm 6:6

    Do you understand the words of the Psalmist?  Can you relate to these emotions?  Maybe this is the season you currently find yourself in.  We have all gone through these seasons before and we will most assuredly go through them again.  The Psalmist is tired and run down because of all of his moaning and tears.  The Psalmist says his bed and couch are soaked from all of his weeping.  Darkness has fallen over the Psalmist and he is feeling consumed by his feelings of sadness.  The Psalmist here is none other than King David.  The King David from David & Goliath, David & Bathsheba and the King David who is named as “one after God’s own heart.”  We aren’t sure what has caused King David to be in the midst of this season of distress…it could tragedy, disease, being in danger from outside foes, a recognition of his own sin and depravity or something else altogether.  Whatever the cause, though, we are certain that King David is full of sorrow and tears.  

    Again, we understand seasons like these and quite possibly we are in the midst of a season like this currently.  Maybe our tears simply won’t stop.  Maybe, whatever we try are hearts just continue to be filled with sadness.  No distractions seem to take us out of this place of sorrow, and we are simply tired of crying.  If this is you and when it becomes you at some point in your life know this beautiful truth that King David teaches us: BRING IT TO GOD!  This is what we learn in King David’s psalm, that it is okay and necessary to bring it to God.  We cannot be afraid of bringing emotions like these before God.  Our God is big enough to handle the deepest of our sorrows and we must believe that HE is the ONLY ONE who can do something about it.  There can be no other outlet for our tears other than the ears of a Holy and Sovereign God!  Are you weary from your tears?  Run to God!  Does your sadness seem to consume you?  Run to God!  Does the brokenness that exists inside of you seem to be  becoming your very identity?  Run to God!  Let us never run from our sadness or try to hide it.  Rather, let us honestly and confidently run into the presence of our God, a God who hears and who cares.  Let us run and remember what King David tells us in just a couple verses later when he writes, “The Lord has heard my plea; the Lord accepts my prayer.”  Knowing this must give us all the confidence we need to take our tears to God, and knowing this must give us confidence that He hears and He cares!  Praise the Lord!  

PRAYER OF THE DAY: God, thank you that You hear my prayers and help me to bring to you the full weight of my sadness and distress.