And those who know your name put their trust in you, for you, O Lord, have not forsaken those who seek you. Psalm 9:10

    What truth is found here in Psalm 9.  Truth, that should cause any of us who are seeking after God to weep with the greatest of joys.  What the inspired Psalmist tells us here is so profound, so unbelievable and so utterly undeserving that we should stop at this verse and allow its truth to soak into our bones for days on end.  We are told here that God does not turn away ANYONE who SEEKS after Him!  If God has graciously opened our eyes and hearts to His splendor and majesty and our trust is found in Him then He NEVER forsakes us.  Our God is always ready to receive and embrace.  

    The Psalmist first declares that because he knows God he trusts Him.  This is a very important first step.  Those whom God receives are those who have first placed their trust in Him.  It is those who know God, truly know Him, that He never forsakes.  Our first call here is to place our trust, hope and faith in God.  It is then, and only then that we have the invitation to come.  And when we come He is ready to accept.  He will not turn His back, He will not run away, He will be present for us.  If we seek we will find.  If we are looking for God and longing to know Him more we will not be disappointed in what we find.  We will find a Creator God who readily accepts and receives, revealing Himself and opening our eyes more and more to His glory.  Church, may we know that our God, in His lavish grace, has promised to never forsake us.  He is there for us!  He is here with us!  May we know the God who is always there, ready to receive those who faithfully seek after Him.   

PRAYER OF THE DAY: God, thank you for Your constant presence.  Thank you that You have promised never to leave us.  Help me to seek after You.