The Lord is in his holy temple; the Lord's throne is in heaven; his eyes see, his eyelids test the children of man.  Psalm 11:4

    God is enthroned as King in Heaven!  This is where God has always been.  This is where God will always be.  This is where God is now!  This is God’s home, where He belongs.  When we read these words from the Psalmist we see two very important truths: First, God is King!  God is in charge and He alone is the sovereign King.  This is great news, Christian, because our God is good and righteous in all that He is and does.  This is what we should yearn for from a king.  When the Israelites first asked for a king this is the type of king they had in mind.  They had simply forgotten that God was already their King and any earthly replacement would surely be a disappointment.  We don’t need any other ruler or Lord over us because we have been graciously granted with the perfect King!  Rejoice and marvel at this good news!  The Lord is most assuredly in His holy temple as a good, righteous and gracious King…let us never want another.  

    When we understand that God is enthroned in His holy temple we also must understand that our God is not an inactive King.  Our King is active and sovereign over all things.  Our King does not sit back and watch His kingdom unfold without His intentional hand at work within it.  Many of us have often complained that our leaders (kings, presidents, bosses, etc…) are lazy, do very little or don’t rule in a helpful way.  The amazing truth about our King is that He is continually active, His sovereign hand ruling and reigning over all things.  Our God is not simply King, but He is the Sovereign King.  Through His perfect will and might He executes His plan with perfection for His glory and the good of His people.  This is who our King is, and again, let us rejoice!  Our King is deeply involved in His kingdom ensuring that His plan plays out to a perfect ending where He is reigning in all glory and we are His faithful and righteous people through the blood of Jesus.  Simply amazing!  

PRAYER OF THE DAY: God, I thank you that You are a good and perfect King!  May Your ways and plans be mine for Your glory and my good.