Lately, I’ve enjoyed listening to sermons from a church in Portland named Door of Hope.  I discovered the church through a teacher I admire named Tim Mackie who used to be a teaching pastor there and who also founded the The Bible Project and the Exploring My Strange Bible podcast. Mackie’s teaching style resonated with me, so I decided to explore the church he came from.  Door of Hope is currently pastored by Josh White and I’ve come to admire his teaching as well. He is direct, honest, practical, and most importantly, biblical.  

I’m sharing the first sermon series on Door of Hope’s website called “Seven Deadly Sins: The Christian in Culture” – a seven-part series, each focusing on one sin from the classic list. What I appreciate about the series is how practically Josh White expounds on the sins, both in how they affect the human heart and in how to combat them. To be clear, the seven deadly sins are no more deadly than any other sins and the list of seven is not a biblical concept. But, Josh White isolates them in his teaching to show how dangerous they are and how easily they ensnare people, even Christians. From the start, White makes it clear that each sin is widely accepted and sometimes even encouraged in today’s culture. They are pervasive in media, activities, and entertainment, and if Christians aren’t careful, they’ll pursue the same vices that the world pleasures in. No believer is immune to these sins and it’s deeply convicting to hear all the ways in which they seem appealing. I hope listening to this series encourages our community to be vigilant and faithful against them in our lives.