He who sits in the heavens laughs; the Lord holds them in derision.  Psalm 2:4

The Psalmist begins Psalm 2 with a frightening thought; the nations are raging and plotting against God and His people.  The Psalmist tells us that the rulers of the earth desire to destroy both God and His “Anointed” people.  Both God and His followers are under attack and the goal is to completely annihilate them.  Complete and perfect destruction is the mission of the “nations.”  This is distressing news.  One would think that the Psalmist would have a substantial level of fear and uncertainty as he is faced with those who want to destroy him.  Then we come to verse 4 where the Psalmist writes, He who sits in the heavens laughs.”  Laughs?  Really?  God is under attack and His people are in danger.  Mighty men want to make waste of God and His people and God laughs?  Yes, God indeed laughs!  Let us rejoice that our God laughs!  How beautiful it is that God sits enthroned on high, aware of the evil intentions of man against Him and His people, and His reaction is to simply chuckle at their ignorance.  Their silliness and foolishness is humorous to them.  Why?  God laughs because He is in control, full control!  His sovereignty extends not simply over His people but over and across the entire universe!  Again, why?  Because He created it…He created it all and it is all under His full control and command!  God laughs because He is awesome in power, and no attack from man or anything else that God has created will shake Him.  These men that God spoke into being, that God formed from dust are going to threaten Him?  By no means!  Our God is consuming fire!  Our God is the One who spoke the stars into place, causes the oceans to roar and brought man forth from dirt.  God’s glory is so great and powerful that anything that stands in His presence without His protection will be brought to nothing.  God is sovereign!  God is powerful!  God is the great “I AM.”  He will not be moved!  He will not be shaken!  

So, because our God is not shaken neither is the Psalmist.  He knows who His God is and that the petty attacks of man will not shake him either.  This is significant for us church.  Today, still, men plot and attack to destroy God and His people.  God continues to be under attack and His people continue to be in danger.  And today, our God is still sovereign, our God is still mighty and our God is still not shaken!  Our God sits in the heavens and still laughs at the futile and ignorant attempts of His creation to destroy Him.  May we have the same unshakable confidence of the Psalmist in who our God is.  Would we rest in the arms of the One who controls all things.  Would we know that man can do us no harm.  Above all things would we know our God more deeply as the Sovereign One over ALL creation!  

PRAYER OF THE DAY: God, thank you that You alone are God.  Thank you that You are mighty and sovereign, ruling over all things.  Thank you that You cannot be moved!