Serve the Lord with fear, and rejoice with trembling.  Psalm 2:11

Our Psalmist has already told us that God laughs at those who conspire against Him and that God Himself will provide a deliverer for His people (our first direct foreshadowing of Jesus in the Psalms).  Then the Psalmist moves to the posture of those who know this God who sits over all creation.  The proper posture of those who truly know this God is fear and trembling. All too often in our Westernized Christian culture we are told to think of God as our friend, our buddy, someone we could go out with to a dinner and a movie.  While we must always be amazed that God has brought us into relationship with Himself through the cross of Jesus we can never lose the perspective of Psalmist here in verse 11. 

Because of who God is, because of how great He is, we can never have too great a sense of His glory.  The greatest thought we could ever have of God is but a pea compared to His actual glory and grandeur.  This is what the Psalmist is calling us to with fear and trembling…don’t forget!  Don’t forget that God is sovereign and in control.  Don’t forget that He is all-powerful.  Don’t forget that His glory goes beyond the heavens.  When you think on Him remember His glory.  When you think on Him remember His greatness.  When you pray to Him remember who you are praying to.  When you sing your songs to Him remember who your praises are rising to.  Think about God with the respect He is due.  Pray to Him recognizing who you are compared to Him.  Sing to Him realizing that with a single glance of His glory we could be consumed.  Never make God small!  Never forget!  Yet know at the very same time that this God who should be known by the greatness of His glory is also a God who has allowed us to be called His people.  Know, that through the redemptive work of Jesus we are his daughters and sons.  We have been brought near, not so that we could be flippant and think of God as one of us, but in order that His glory compared to our frailty might be known even more fully.  Church, as His daughters and sons may we never lose sight of who our God is and may that always cause us to approach Him with fear and trembling.    

PRAYER OF THE DAY: God You are greater than our best comprehension of You.  May I know of Your glory more today.